2450284Master Caique

About Master Caique: “Outside my family Caique, I can say that you are the best student here.” – Grand Master Helio Gracie

Red and Black Belt Master
• Considered one of the best Jiu-Jitsu instructors in the world Master Caique has more than 35 years of experience.

• He has trained with Grand Master Helio Gracie and his sons.

• Trained with Master Relson Gracie up to his Purple Belt and Master Rickson Gracie until Black Belt.

• Master Caique received his Red and Black Belt from Master Rickson Gracie in the beginning of 2010.

• Master Caique won the Brazilian Nationals, which is the biggest tournament in the world multiple times in his competing days.

• Master Caique is the Master Instructor and oversees all of the programs at Caique Jiu-Jitsu.

• Master Caique has built the Caique Jiu-Jitsu network, which consists of 15 associated schools in the U.S. and Canada and teaches seminars about Caique Jiu-Jitsu all over the world.

Carlos Henrique ”Caique” Elias is a 7th degree red and black belt Master of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Caique trained at the original Gracie Humaita’ academy in Rio de Janerio, where he became one of only eight non-Gracies to receive his black belt directly from He’lio Gracie.  In 2001, Elias formed his own school  The Caique Jiu-Jitsu Academy  based in Lomita, California. Master  Caique still actively teaches alongside his sons, black belt instuctors Pedro and Thomaz Elias